Bounty Hunt Vancouver: “Peaceful Restaurant” and “La Taquería”

It’s a wrap!

I arrived at The YVR Spaceport on a new bounty run. Wraps are coveted for their tidy proportions and big flavor. There were whispers of wraps situated 20 minutes away by Skytrain at Broadway – City Hall Station. I stepped out into a rainy evening on the corner of West Broadway and Cambie St. in search of said wraps. What I found instead were rolls and tacos!


My sensors brought me to this peaceful restaurant, “Peaceful Restaurant“. Popularized by possible-alien-humanoid Guy Fieri on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” they are known for their handmade noodles and other Northern Chinese fare. With no available seats on this busy night I opted for a takeout order of their popular beef rolls, precisely the same order of the human ahead of me and behind me.

The surprisingly humble ingredient list is spectacularly executed! Deliciously seasoned slices of beef are rolled in Asian style scallion pancake (crispy outside/ fluffy inside with a satisfying chew). It’s sparingly layered with a sweet sauce and delicate sprigs of scallion for freshness and then cut in half enabling a tantalizing view of what’s inside! I set off with these wraps quickly looking for a corner to enjoy my newfound bounty!


I took a few steps outside and suddenly a tractor beam pulled me into “La Taquería”! At first I resisted but an aroma of slow braised beef lowered my defenses, there are alternatives to fighting afterall. Met with a charming greeting at the order counter, I proceeded to select my wraps, or in this case tacos.


I selected a simple fish taco but the beef taco resulted in more decisions! Flank, tongue or cheek? If my eons in this galaxy are any indication, always order the cheeks! My order arrived promptly and my eyes feasted on the sight! The fish was  crispy outside, delicately flaky inside and served with a slice of lemon that I liberally squeezed on top off my added pickled vegetables. But I must admit, I am a cheek man!


The beef arrived braised and decadently marbled as is typical of cheek cuts! The depth of flavor go beyond the outer rim territories! I simply added sliced jalapeños for tang and heat. Both tacos came cocooned in corn tortillas (locally handmade just like Peaceful Restaurant) that kept the bold flavors in check! With no seating area in this busy night I made my way outside to finally devour my collection!


I settled next door into Megacorp Starbucks, snuck my package passed the all seeing Barista, ordered a tea and began enjoying the fruits of my bounty. Although what I had in my possession were rolls and tacos, these were the wraps I was looking for!


Move along, move along.


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