Bounty Hunt South Korea: 8 Food Picks That Will Make You Go Home and Rethink Your Life! (Part 2)

Ludicrous Feed eats Korean Food!


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 5. What? Jeju Island Spicy Chicken at Buga-Buga

Ludicrous Feed eats spicy Buga Buga Chicken on Jeju Island
Buga Buga Chicken on Jeju Island!

I arrived late at night with my friend on Jeju Island and quickly sought after sustenance. It was nearly 10PM and we couldn’t find an open establishment nearby and lucked upon this still busy chicken restaurant. Being the only foreigners there was a surprise to the staff but they immediately found a staff from the kitchen to come out and greet us in English. He kneeled down at eye level with us and explained the menu patiently. We were so overjoyed by this kindness. It really does make your meal more pleasing! To top it all off they gave us a special rice dish on the house! How’s that for hospitality?

Ludicrous Feed eats Buga Buga Spicy Chicken Wings!
Close up shot of the spicy hot spring chicken wing!

It seemed their specialty here was spicy chicken feet which I have had before but was looking for something more meaty and opted for their salt and pepper wings and spicy wings. Was it ever delicious! The chicken was tender and fall off the bone in a way, I suspect, only spring chicken can do. This was not your grocers chicken. The spicy wings were slightly sweet and the spiciness permeated from within! The salt and pepper wings were less sweet but still had a nice heat to it. If you don’t like spicy, steer clear!
We also enjoyed an egg soup, scorched rice soup, the aforementioned rice dish with special green (akin to seaweed local to the island) and your typical banchan sides. If you’re visiting Jeju Island, they deserve more business, they really took care of us!

Where?  Jeju City, Jeju Island. Walking distance from the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.

This is my best approximation of it’s location.
From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, walk WEST.
Turn RIGHT Namseong-ro and walk NORTH.
You’ll eventually see the restaurant on your RIGHT.
If you reached the roundabout you’ve gone too far.
Look for this sign.

Ludicrous Feed eats here, Buga Buga Chicken!
Buga-Buga open late night!

6. What? Ddong Bbang aka Poop Bread in Insadong

Ludicrous Feed eats poo... bread!
Poo Bread… Yummie the poo bread!

Yes it is poop shaped.
No it’s not made of poop.
Yes it’s novelty.
No I’m not 8 years old.
YES it’s delicious! It happens to be my favorite street food!
Tucked inside the Ssamziegil building, featuring bountiful folk stores so popular with tourists, I was drawn by the aromatic lure of sweet waffles. Following the scent led me to the surprising poop shaped bread you see here! Fluffy, sweet, gooey red bean filled bread for 1,000 won had me annoying my tour companion for hours because I kept insisting we go back for more! This edible emoji also happens to be ridiculously photogenic!

Where? Ssamziegil building, Insadong.
You’ll find it at ground level next to other food stalls.

7. What? Jeju Black Pork Korean BBQ

Ludicrous Feed eats black bbq pork Korean BBQ!
The Jeju Black Pork Korean BBQ spread!

The residents of Jeju Island farm a prized pig akin to Japan’s kobe beef! These native black hogs have a unique flavor and taste and I devoured these beautifully marbled cuts of meat in the best way possible; Korean BBQ style! We entered this sikdang (restaurant) being the only foreigners and the Jeju hospitality came to our aid once again. The staff assisted us with our choices, showed us how which dipping sauces to use, helped us grill and cut our meats and finally how to dress each bite with the banchan (sides). They even brought out a complimentary egg soup for us! Thank you Jeju!

LuFee grills Jeju black pork!
Jeju Black Pork on sizzling on top of glowing charcoal!

I have sampled Korean BBQ all across Canada but have never found one like this. Below the grill sits intensely flavored fiery charcoal while a powerful cylindrical tube excavates all the smokiness away from our clothes. The banchan included cuts of octopus, kimchi, a lightly dressed delicious cabbage slaw, bean sprouts, rice, and radish. The radish was my standout favorite as it was sliced into thin rounds instead of the usual cubes or sticks. They were perfect wrapped around the succulent pieces of bbq pork. And boy did the pork blow us away. I can say I’ve never had a pork like this in my life. It was very tender, flavorful, melt in your mouth pieces without being greasy and fatty. As if this pork went to beef steak school! Topped with roasted garlic cloves, wrapped in lettuce and perilla leaf was simply balanced perfection!

Jeju Black Pork Korean BBQ style!
Jeju black pork on top of perilla leaf on top of lettuce! Refreshingly delicious!

Where? Perpendicular to the Lee Jung Seop art street, Seogwipo, Jeju Island

I had a hard time pinpointing the exact location on Google maps (Google maps will barely work for directions in all of Korea besides your current GPS location) but you can use these signs below as a guide.


8. What? Nine Level Steamed Seafood

Ludicrous Feed eats 9 layers of steamed seafood in Seoul!
Nine Layer Steamed Seafood!

As I currently call the city of Calgary my Earth home, seafood doesn’t come frequently. Landlocked away in gigantic Canada means fresh seafood is a couple thousand Republic credits too rich for me. I love seafood bounties! To my delight, Seoul doesn’t only provide budget friendly seafood, they do it in abundant style!



The bottom layer steams the 9 layers above. The first set begins with 5 layers as a full 9 would be too tall and cumbersome to reach from our table. The following 4 sets round out the meal. I imagine the steam doesn’t just gently flavor the seafood above, but condensation seasons the broth at the very bottom as well! The seasoning is kept to a minimum (save for the cheese scallops and chili clams) and allows the individual unique flavors to standout. By far my favorite was the final and last layer with added noodles and msucles! By the end our group of 5 hungry humans could not stop singing ballads of joy! (It could have partly been the soju…)

Ludicrous Feed eats the NINTH LAYER!
The culmination of 9 layers is this intensely flavored seafood broth with muscles and chewy noodles!

Where? 924-40 Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

Walking distance from Bongcheon station, look for a blue sign with images of the stacked steamers and the numbered address is on the glass door.

I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Erica, our Canadian-Korean guide in Seoul, who not only translated a lot of my requests but introduced us to the Korean culture!

Thank you to the Korean citizens for your memorable experience and even more for your incredibly kind hospitality! I will be back again soon!

Did I miss something that I should add to my list? Please let me know so we can share these gastronomic experience with the entire galaxy!


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