About B.Mo

Hong Kong Style French Toast in Hong Kong.

Hello Human!

My designation is B.Mo but, if you must know, my earth name is Brian Mo. I’m from a distant galaxy above the 49th parallel, my current coordinates are 51.0486° N, 114.0708° W or the YYC Spaceport in Calgary, Canada. I have taken on this human form so as not to cause panic as evidenced by my Hollywood motion picture research (Independence Day, Predator, Aliens, Basic Instinct?). I’m a voracious bounty hunting eater set on chasing my food bounties across the galaxy! Armed with that knowledge, I use these inspired experiences to attempt recipes on my own.

On my free time to pilot my MX-5 P729 and relentlessly read books on personal development to learn more about you humans. I also LOVE PIZZA!
I’m always looking to eat like a local with humanoids passionate about food. If that sounds like you, let’s exchange wavelengths. Be sure to beam me a line in the comments below!

Alternatively, you can,
E-mail: ludicrousfeed@gmail.com
Instagram: @LudicrousFeed
Facebook: LudicrousFeed
Pinterest: LudicrousFeed



Vader Pizza
Pizza, all too easy.



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